The Comeback Chronicles: A Historical Perspective on Friendship and Humanity

In this episode, I share two stories that recently inspired me to see the good in humanity, and that friendships can be formed from unusual beginnings.

The first story I share involves Judge Thomas White of Indiana County, Pennsylvania, a 12 year old Fugitive Slave named Anthony Hollingsworth, and an unprecedented decision that would have a rippling effect on Judge Whites family.

The second story began during the Battle of Gettysburg when Confederate General John B. Gordon of Georgia mortally wounds Union General Francis C. Barlow of New York – or so he thought. My hope is that these stories inspire you as well, as we navigate thought tumultuous times.

Never Surrender. Never Give Up. Never Quit. Tomorrow isn’t promised but today is, get out there an make the very best of it. Your best days are ahead of you!!!!

The Comeback Chronicles: 13 Lessons from Survivor

In this episode, I talk about 13 Life Lessons from my Favorite Reality Show “Survivor” and the 40th Season “Winners at War.” These are lessons the will guide you on your comeback journey and help you live the best life you can live.

The 13 Lessons:

  1. Consistency and Certainty are critical and necessary in our lives.
  2. Change and Uncertainty are critical and necessary in our lives.
  3. Never Get too big for your britches – Jeff Probst epitomizes this concept.
  4. Friendship – the importance of friendship can not be overstated both in life and the game of survivor.
  5. Planning – if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.
  6. Trust – no man is an island – you have to trust somebody and you have to be trusted by somebody.
  7. Communication – if you are not in the conversation, you are the conversation.
  8. Winning and competition are always entertaining.
  9. Information is Powerful
  10. The Best of the Best will always rise to the top
  11. Show Respect for the Game or whatever you do in life
  12. Family – Family must be at the core of whatever we do.
  13. Survivor has everything – just like life – ups, downs, winning, losing, triumph, failure, redemption, inspiration, empathy, sympathy, motivation, endurance, drama, laughter, and real emotion.

Survivor is well suited for discussion on the Comeback Chronicles.

Congratulations to Tony Vlachos – Winner of Survivor Winners at Way!!!

The Comeback Chronicles: Pursuing Your Passion Like the Beastie Boys

In this episode, I talk about he latest Apple Plus documentary “The Beastie Boys Story’ and how they pursued their passions to great success. You can learn a lot by watching the people that you admire and respect pursue their passions. Check out the podcast for some inspiration and motivation.

13 Life Lessons from the Karate Kid

In this episode, I share 13 lessons from the Karate Kid that will help you on your Comeback Journey and will guide you along the path to living the best life you can live. If you have seen the movie, great! You will easily relate and feel some nostalgia as you soak in the lessons. If you haven’t seen the movie, shame on you – what are you waiting for? Hope you enjoy the show. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

The Comeback Chronicles: Offsetting your setback with wins – big and small

In this episode, I talk about facing the reality that you will face setbacks, so you need to offset this setbacks with wins of all sizes – big and small. I talk about ways that you can find opportunities to stack small wins, and how wins will beget more wins and ultimately you will make winning a way of life!!!

How a Pack of Baseball Cards Can Help you on Your Comeback Journey

In this episode, I talk about how we often take things for granted without even realizing it, and how reflecting upon those things can help you build a gratitude list and put things in perspective.