The Comeback Chronicles: A Historical Perspective on Friendship and Humanity

In this episode, I share two stories that recently inspired me to see the good in humanity, and that friendships can be formed from unusual beginnings.

The first story I share involves Judge Thomas White of Indiana County, Pennsylvania, a 12 year old Fugitive Slave named Anthony Hollingsworth, and an unprecedented decision that would have a rippling effect on Judge Whites family.

The second story began during the Battle of Gettysburg when Confederate General John B. Gordon of Georgia mortally wounds Union General Francis C. Barlow of New York – or so he thought. My hope is that these stories inspire you as well, as we navigate thought tumultuous times.

Never Surrender. Never Give Up. Never Quit. Tomorrow isn’t promised but today is, get out there an make the very best of it. Your best days are ahead of you!!!!